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Hiya, flist!

The exciting news of today: My roommate is out of town for the next six (6!) days! I am unbelievably psyched. Why, you ask? Well, because now I can watch Keith and Rachel WHEN THEY AIR, instead of waiting for podcasts or tivo, and all you people I owe skype/aim dates with? WE ARE ON.

:D :D :D

I am also hopefully going to take the opportunity to semi-train her dog to not go berserk at other dogs. Because that's just not cool.

Today I took the dogs on a hike, up to the resort where I teach skiing. We hiked along this ridge that, on skis, is barely a cattrack, but hiking? Holy cow. Very steep. But it was very nice and had gorgeous views and the dogs are absolutely WIPED now, hooray.

I've been listening to the Star Trek audiobook on various hikes/excursions with the dogs, but I've only got about twenty minutes left of it! Woe! So I need to get on that. There are also books I would like to read but the library absolutely FAILS at having a wide variety of fantasy/sci-fi. So boo.

The summer farmer's market has started up, so on Wednesday K and I will go and buy some delicious vegetables/homemade breads/other amazing things.
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So park city schools have been closed due to a swine flu outbreak - there's at least one confirmed case that I know of, and a few more that they're testing. At this point kids could theoretically (if all the six or so cases that they're testing are confirmed as swine flu) be done with school for the year.

This is mostly interesting to me as I'm trying to ready the girl I tutor to take the AP World History test. But also in terms of Ah! Swine flu! I am trying to avoid all the children, which is hard as they are swarming all over town with nothing to do with their new found and ill-gotten freedom!

Sunday and I went to the park today and had a very nice time! The rain of Friday and Saturday sees to have passed on, thank goodness. Though naturally my dog finds the only mud in the park an spends a good 15 minutes frolicking while I shout at her to GTFO.

Ugh my roommate has invited a "friend" of ours over. Right now she is shouting about getting high and "fucking whoever the fuck she wants to fuck" and I am gritting my teeth and wishing my earphones blocked out more noise. GO AWAY, relatively slutty, loud and self-absorbed friend!

It...has been a day. I'm gonna go start drinking now.

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